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Part-time Worker Coverage Voucher

The Voucher Program, offered by the Dirigo Health Agency (DHA), provides financial assistance to help qualified part-time and seasonal employees pay for health coverage through their employer health plans. This program is a win-win for employers as a tool to hire and retain valued workers and for employees who appreciate this important work benefit.

The employer works with their broker and DHA staff to provide the Voucher Program for their staff.  The employer contributes 5% of the employee/single monthly rate for the insurance plan they have selected for their employees. The employer can chose to handle payroll withdrawal just as they do for the full time employees.

The Voucher Program assists part-time employees who live and work in Maine; work on average 10 to 35 hours weekly; and have had no insurance for the 90 days prior to coverage effective date. If an employee has lost MaineCare (Medicaid) within the past 90 days, they can enroll in the Voucher Program.

Financial assistance is given to the employee by DHA on the first of each month through a debit card.  The funds on the debit card are to help the employee cover the cost of the insurance coverage. The employee receives the money on the debit card prior to the employer removing the premium from the employee’s paycheck each month. DHA calculates the voucher level and subsidy using household income, size, and assets located on the Subsidy Application.  This chart shows monthly employee costs after DHA subsidy and employer contribution.

Voucher Level


EE + Spouse

EE + Child(ren)






















Example Only
Employer is quoted a monthly employee only (no dependents) rate of $400
Employer pays 5% of the rate = $20 and deducts $380 from the employee’s paychecks
Employee qualifies for a Voucher Level 1 and pays $30 per month
DHA puts $350 on the employee’s debit card on the 1st of each month
$ 20 = Employer cost
$ 30 = Employee cost
$350 = DHA contribution
$400 = Total monthly premium

Call DHA at 1-877-892-8391 for further information.

Voucher Application & Subsidy Estimator

Voucher Testimonials

Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates

The cost of providing healthcare for employees is one of the greatest challenges facing businesses in Maine. That reality applies to Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates in Brunswick. Our agency has about 166 employees, many of them part time workers who don't have health coverage due to the cost. The issue of health insurance has been an ongoing challenge.

Many of our staff members provide in-home support to clients. Our staff must be as healthy as possible, providing service in the field as they do. This year, Maine's Dirigo Health Agency (DHA) introduced a new voucher program that provides financial assistance to help part time or seasonal, uninsured workers participate in their employer's health insurance plan. The program works as a 'wrap around' benefit to our existing health coverage, making it affordable for both the company and the employee. Our agency is proud to have been the very first Maine company to offer the new plan to our part time employees.

Dirigo's subsidized Voucher Program is an affordable option that comes at a time of critical need. I encourage other businesses and organizations throughout Maine to look into it and sign up.

Jim Talbot, Director
Merrymeeting Behavioral Health Associates

Ricetta's Ristorante

One of the greatest challenges for keeping a business in Maine is the cost of healthcare for employees. The restaurant industry has a particularly high percentage of seasonal part time employees who have had difficulty accessing healthcare due to the cost to both the employer and employee. There are certain times of year when 70% of our staff is part time. For Ricetta's, the issue of health insurance has been an ongoing challenge.

The state of Maine has taken a lead role in helping uninsured Mainers and families access health insurance through the Dirigo Health Agency (DHA). One of the new programs now accepting enrollees is a voucher program that provides financial assistance to help uninsured part time or seasonal workers and their families participate in their employer's health insurance plan. It is administered by DHA, through a federal grant awarded to the Governor's Office of Health Policy and Finance.

Our company is proud to have been one of the first Maine companies to offer the new plan to our part time employees. Employee retention is also a challenge in the restaurant industry, but we know from experience that happy and healthy employees are more likely to stay.

I hope other Maine businesses will look at Dirigo's Voucher Program and consider adding it as a benefit for uninsured part-time employees who need it for themselves and their families. It's an affordable program, and it's the right thing to do.

Ron Stephan, President
Ricetta's Ristorante